Republican By-Laws

PREAMBLE – DECLARATION OF SCOPE AND PURPOSE. These Bylaws are hereby established and adopted by the Salem County  Republican Committee (the committee) pursuant to the authority of N.J.S. 19:5-3, and are intended for use by the Committee for its proper government, and in providing for and promoting the orderly conduct of its meetings and business. By their initial adoption, these Bylaws shall have perpetual duration, from year to year, and shall remain in full force and effect without further formal action of the Committee, unless amended as provided herein.

1. MEMBERS. The members shall include those individuals serving the office of County Committee Chairperson, County Committee Vice-Chairperson, County Committee Treasurer, County Committee Secretary, State  Committeeman,  State  Committeewoman,  Municipal  Chairpersons  representing  each Municipal  Committee,  Municipal  Committeeman  and  Committeewoman  of  each  voting district.  All of whom duly represent  the Republican  Party in  the election districts  of Salem County.
2. TERM OF OFFICE. The terms of office shall be for one year, commencing with the reorganization meeting on the Tuesday following the Primary Election, except for the duly elected State Committeeman and Committeewoman who shall serve a four year term commencing on the Tuesday following the  Primary  Election  in  the  year  of  the  Gubernatorial  Election,  and  the  Municipal Committeeman and Committeewoman who shall serve a two year term commencing with their respective municipal reorganization on the Monday following the Primary Election.
3. VACANCIES. Municipal Committees: A vacancy in any Municipal Committee person or Chairperson shall be filled  by  a  majority  vote  of  those  present  at  any  Municipal  Committee  meeting.  Those  so elected at anytime other than the Regular Primary election shall be so certified by a letter to the County Chairperson from the Municipal Chairperson. County Committees: A vacancy occurring in the office of Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and State  Chairpersons  shall  be  filled  by  a  majority  vote  of  those  present  at  a  regular  county committee meeting for the remainder of the unexpired term.
4. QUALIFICATIONS. All  members  must  be  a  registered  Republican  voter  in  Salem  County  maintaining  a  current residence within the district they represent and must be so certified to the County Chairperson as the duly elected representative in that office prior to exercising any rights as a member of the committee.

1. ANNUAL MEETING. The  annual  meeting shall be  held on the  first  Tuesday  following the  Primary  Election  of each year.
2. REGULAR MEETINGS. Regular meetings shall be called by the Chairperson as required to orderly conduct business.
3. NOTICE. Notice of all meetings shall be in writing to the entire membership.
4. QUORUM. The quorum for each meeting shall be twenty (20%) percent of the certified membership.

1.  CHAIRPERSON. The Chairperson’s function shall be to preside over all meetings of the Committee, and to perform  such  further  duties  as  are  authorized  by  Title  19  and  by  these  Bylaws.  The Chairperson shall serve until his successor is elected and shall be the official spokesperson for the Committee.  The Chairperson shall be the chief administrative and executive officer of the Committee and shall be the sole leader of the Republican Party in Salem County. He or she shall be empowered: (i)  to organize the Republican political structure of Salem County; (ii)  to organize and manage the procedures for the selection of candidates for public office on a county level, or in municipalities where no Republican political organization exists; (iii)  to promote, provide for and manage the raising of funds in accordance with the law; (iv)  to provide for, manage, and finance campaigns for public office within the County of Salem; (v)  nominate  candidates  for  appointment  to  all  non-elected  offices  within  the  governments  of Salem County, the State of New Jersey, or the United States; (vi)  to  act  and  serve  as  the  principal  liaison  to  County,  State  and  Federal  Republican  political organizations. The Chairperson shall have any such other additional or implied powers as may be necessary to carry out the foregoing duties and responsibilities.
2. VICE-CHAIRPERSON. The  Vice-Chairperson  must  be  a  member  of  the  opposite  sex  of  the  Chairperson.  The  Vice-Chairperson shall perform all duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson, and any  such  other  duties  as  may  be  assigned  from  time to time  by  the  Chairperson.  The Vice-Chairperson shall be elected
3 . TREASURER. The Chairperson shall appoint a Treasurer who shall serve as the chief financial officer of the Committee shall keep and maintain such bank accounts and financial records as are directed by the Chairperson and the membership. The Treasurer shall also prepare in a timely manner all Federal, State and County financial reports as required by laws governing this political body and  provide  these  reports  to  the  Chairperson.  All  account  must  be  maintained  with  the requirement of joint access through two representatives. Those representatives of the committee shall be limited to the Treasurer, Chairperson, and Vice-Chairperson.
4. SECRETARY. The Chairperson shall appoint a Secretary whose duty it shall be to take and preserve minutes of the  meetings  of  the  Committee,  and  who  shall  perform  such  other  further  duties  as  may  be  assigned, from time to time, by the Chairperson.
5. OTHER OFFICERS. The  Chairperson  shall  have  sole  discretion  to  designate  additional  positions  and  offices, without limitation, for purposes of assisting him in the management of the Committee and the Republican Party in Salem County, and for the general fulfillment of his political duties. The Chairperson shall be entitled to create and terminate such positions as he deems necessary and appropriate and, further, he or she shall be entitled to appoint individuals to fill such positions for terms not to exceed the duration of the Chairperson’s own term. Furthermore, the Chairperson shall be entitled, in his or her sole discretion, to relieve from duty any individuals so appointed to such positions for any reason.

1.  AMENDMENTS TQ CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS. This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended, from time to time, by a vote of two-thirds of those members present at any duly noticed and convened meeting.

1. STANDARD BALLOT. Voting by the membership shall be by voice vote, show of hands, standing and sitting, or by any  other  means  which  is  reasonably  calculated  to  accurately  determine  the  will  of  the members.
2.  WRITTEN BALLOT. Whenever  there  is  a  contested  election  for  office,  or  when  a  majority  of  qualified  members present vote to require a written secret ballot for a motion or resolution, the Chairperson shall cause a written secret ballot procedure to be enacted.

1.  RULES GOVERNING During any meeting, no member may address the Committee who has not first been recognized by the Chairperson. All comments by members shall be addressed to the Chairperson, not to other individual  members  or  groups  of  members.  The  Chairperson  shall  operate  under  the procedures as interpreted by him from Robert’s Rules of Order and New Jersey Title 19.

1.   The  Chairman  shall  be  responsible  for  the  supervision  and  management  of  the  Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall be the controlling body of all property and assets of the Salem County Republican Committee (SCRC) and shall be responsible for the conduct and direction of the business and the affairs of the SCRC.
2.   The  Salem  County  Republican  Committee  (SCRC)  Chairman,  Vice-Chairman,  Treasurer, Secretary, and all the elected Republican Officers of the Nation, State and County, who reside in  Salem  County  and  are  members  of  The  Salem  County  Republican  Committee,  shall  be members of the Executive Committee.  In addition, the Chairman may appoint up to three (3) persons who must be registered Republicans residing in Salem County to serve as members of the Executive Committee.

1.  No  person  shall  use  the  name  of  the  Salem  County  Republican  Committee  to  endorse  an individual(s) for elective office or for a ballot question without the consent of the membership voting at a regular or special meeting.